Sustainability Tracker

The AxonJay Tribe is continious working on its CO2 neutrality and is measuring/compensating this by helping to clean the oceans as a main source for CO2 absorption and Biodiversity!

The AxonJay Tribe already pulled with different actions


kilos of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines thanks to the ongoing support of TheOceanCleanUp movement & 4Ocean and OceanX.

We work with several partners and are actively helping TheOceanCleanUp movement & 4Ocean and OceanX every day!

Inspired by Nature to Disrupt Your Industry #RightHereRightNow!

AxonJay uses Darwin’s evolutionary theory of natural selection in its state-of-the-art Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ (Self-ML). The Platform learns and then reinforces what’s relevant while less relevant information fades out. In short, we’re inspired by the 4,5-billion-year-old evolutionary algorithm we call earth.

You rate the quality of the intelligence you receive and the unique AxonJay Self-ML Platform™ ends up providing exactly the information you need to drive your business.

And since you’re giving the feedback, you no longer need an army of data scientists to extract and visualise the data, or IT-staff to run a company-wide integration project either. The Axon Self-ML Platform is designed to handle end to end projects faster, more accurate and more efficient than any other AI tool and is the next step beyond traditional machine learning.

Sustainability is a must
in the race to zero

In today’s world, being sustainable is key to any business. It’s essential to accurately assess if a vendor or partner is truly sustainable. Our Platform helps you do that and we are sharing these algorithms for everyone to use.

This helps to radically increase the number of brands that can become sustainable faster and at lower cost. The more brands that use the platform and train the algorithms, the better it will become at predicting what companies are truly sustainable, in real-time.

At AxonJay, we need to walk the talk also, so we’ve started our organisation with a commitment to be climate neutral from day one.

In a post-covid world, sustainability is no longer ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have.’ This is why it’s one of our core values, as well as one of our most important missions; to use our unique Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ to enable sustainable change #RightHereRightNow.

Our Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ helps you to connect the dots and look beyond traditional financial reporting data, sustainability reporting and marketing claims, and into all the data that is out there. This includes digital signals, triggers and clues that show a company’s actual behaviour in its digital ecosystem. With this information, we can assess a company’s true level of sustainability #RightHereRightNow!


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