AxonJay is a multi-award-winning AI tech company that developed a trailblazing & unique Self-Machine-Learning Platform™, which reveals & predicts companies' true behaviour in real-time.

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Inspired by Nature to Disrupt Your Industry #RightHereRightNow!

AxonJay uses Darwin’s evolutionary theory of natural selection in its state-of-the-art Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ (Self-ML). The Platform learns and then reinforces what’s relevant while less relevant information fades out. In short, we’re inspired by the 4,5-billion-year-old evolutionary algorithm we call earth.

You rate the quality of the intelligence you receive and the unique AxonJay Self-ML Platform™ ends up providing exactly the information you need to drive your business.

And since you’re giving the feedback, you no longer need an army of data scientists to extract and visualise the data, or IT-staff to run a company-wide integration project either. The Axon Self-ML Platform is designed to handle end to end projects faster, more accurate and more efficient than any other AI tool and is the next step beyond traditional machine learning.

The Multi-Award-Winning
Self-Machine-Learning Platform™

Use our app-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) and get practical business results today!

  • Prediction of true company behaviour in it’s digital ecosystem
  • It's your own virtual data scientist
  • Widely applicable
  • Facilitates co-creation
  • Personalised
  • No need for an army of data scientists
  • Simple to use

Ready to use

Immediately usable Self-ML Platform™, with a clear interface designed for non-data scientists.


Platform is personalised to your needs and allows you to build your own custom apps.


Use the most highly regarded AI frameworks, such as Spark, R, Elastic and TensorFlow.

Widely applicable

The Self-ML Platform™ can be used across all industry verticals and manage multiple projects in different units at the same time.


PaaS model with fixed and/or shared monthly rates. Continuous updates, support and hosting included.

Ready to help you Disrupt Your Business #RightHereRightNow!

In a post-pandemic world, the winner is no longer the one with the most data in the lake, the biggest enterprise-wide platform for analytics, or the biggest data team.

Today, everything is online, the winner being the one able to predict companies’ behaviour in their digital ecosystem.

The AxonJay Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ is trailblazing and unique in revealing and predicting companies' true behaviour in real-time; offered as a PaaS model.

Our disruptive mission is to make AI and Machine-Learning more accessible and easier to use for any business.

Our Self-ML Platform™ is a state-of-the art tool designed to help you extract actionable intelligence to disrupt your industry and enable sustainable change #RightHereRightNow!

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We can help you respond in real-time to questions such as:

  • How sustainable are your suppliers/customers?
  • Who will need to hire tomorrow?
  • Who will need to make investments shortly?
  • Who will be the fastest grower?
  • How to improve your lead generation?
  • Where are your prospects coming from?
  • Who will change office/move?
  • Who will import/export the most?

Our multi-award-winning Self-ML Platform™ is applicable to all kinds of business:

  • Marketing
  • Sustainability / Greenwashing Prevention
  • Trade & Export
  • Telecom & IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Call Centres & e-Commerce
  • Wholesale & Logistics
  • Travel & Leisure

Banking & Finance

By using our Self-Machine-Learning Platform™, your business will be able to make accurate predictions in real time about which private funds will open and/or close in the near future, monitor private funds, which company is going to be acquired- or merged, and finally, predict which companies will be in need of cash.


Private Funds Prediction (PFP)
Monitor private funds you have chosen for investments or you have general interests in to get real-time updates.


Monitoring Private Funds (MPF)
Predict which fund manager will open up new funds fitting to your investment strategy, ranked from the most to the least relevant.


Merging & Acquisitions Prediction (MAP)
Prediction on M&A events and market movements that are within the scope of your investment strategy.


Company Cash Prediction (CCP)
Real-time prediction of the future cash position of a company.

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The multi-award-winning Self-ML-Platform™ is able to reveal:

  • Implement automated monitoring
  • Predict which company needs cash
  • Predict which private funds will close/open
  • Make company M&A predictions
  • Monitor companies’ ecological footprints
  • Identify lead generation
  • Monitor information on team experience & turnover
  • Monitor company reputation
  • Learn from continuous feedback loops

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HR & Recruitment

The next generation of AI leads to place your candidates.

    • → Your Prospects
    • → Your Customers
    • → Your Competitors
    • → Your ...
    • → Instant Job Posts
    • → Instant Online Activity
    • → Instant Matching
    • → Instant Predictions
    • → Instant ...
    • → Your Candidates
    • → Your ...

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Dive into detail


Company Hire Prediction (CHP)
Predict which company in your defined market will hire/lay off people ranked from the most likely to the least likely, based on signals and triggers revealing their true behaviour within their digital ecosystem.


Company Position Prediction (CPP)
Predicts which position in your market will be the hottest in the near future based on companies’ true behaviour in their digital ecosystem.


Company-Candidate Matching (CCM) (coming soon)
Upload your CVs on the Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ to match them with future positions or hiring companies allowing candidates to beat the market.

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The multi-award-winning Self-ML Platform™ is able to reveal:

  • Predict which companies will hire
  • Predict which companies will lay off
  • Predict which roles will be hot in your market
  • Match your CVs with the hottest roles in the market
  • Match your CVs with hiring companies
  • Save time by automizing your research processes
  • Improve candidate experience & customer experience
  • Learn from your continuous feedback loops
  • As an HR specialist, you should focus on:
  • Focus on candidate matching skills
  • Focus on transferrable skills of the candidate
  • Focus on cultural fit
  • Focus on energy fit
  • Implement automated monitoring
  • Get Information in real-time
  • Be the first one to reach out
  • Save data cost

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Sustainability is a must in the race to zero

In a post-covid world, sustainability is no longer ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have.’ This is why it’s one of our core values, as well as one of our most important missions; to use our unique Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ to enable sustainable change #RightHereRightNow.

Our Platform helps you to connect the dots and look beyond traditional financial reporting data, sustainability reporting and marketing claims, and into all the data that is out there. This includes digital signals, triggers and clues that show a company’s actual behaviour in its digital ecosystem. With this information, we can assess a company’s true level of sustainability #RightHereRightNow!

To learn more about how we work with sustainability, Click here

AxonJay can help you look beyond the data and into the TRUE behaviour in real-time

Typical questions

  • How sustainable are my suppliers/partners?
  • How sustainable are my customers?
  • How do we create more sustainable savings products, pension funds?
  • How can we support cities, municipalities and and public sector to source more sustainable suppliers to deliver on the their targets for 2030 and onwards?
  • How can we support new ecosystems being created in assessing the level of sustainability in real-time?

*Industries we have worked in:

  • Sourcing & procurement.
  • B2B lead generation.
  • Finance & Banking.
  • Public sector.
  • New ecosystems.

  • *Our Self-ML Platform™ is applicable to any business who needs to assess the level of sustainability.

Fact box:

Why is the AI so accurate?

The secret ingredient is what we call 'Self-Machine-Learning.' The unique AxonJay Self-ML Platform™ automates many of the complicated and time-consuming tasks required to build machine-learning models. It's faster, cheaper, more flexible and more accurate than traditional machine learning.

The AxonJay Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ uses continuous feedback loops to constantly evolve and ensure more precise insights. We combine facts from your own databases with publicly available data so you don’t need an army of data scientists. Our Self-ML Platform™ does it all, in real-time and personalised to suit your needs, whatever business you're in.

What is an ecosystem in today's digital world?

Companies, just like individuals, are part of an ecosystem. In essence, they cannot work independently of the market. In a post-Covid world, with everyone online, decisions cannot be taken using purely historic data or data that the customer already has. There are clues, triggers and signals everywhere.

It’s no longer about the one with the most data in the lake or the biggest enterprise-wide platform for analytics. It’s about who can extract actionable intelligence from the most relevant data and from the behaviour in their digital ecosystem.

Building a next generation company

  • Pan-European organization (remote offices in several european cities)
  • Co-living HQ in the historical centre of Brussels (Gallerie du Roi)
  • Net zero emission tribe culture
  • Unlimited holidays policy (if tasks are done)
  • Inclusive work environment
  • Heartwarming business / leadership approach
  • Guided meditations & Insightful Fridays focused on personal growth
  • Creating awareness of collective consciousness
  • Exclusive art experience
  • Tribe Stock Option Plan with a Heart
  • Building leading edge technology with a higher purpose

The AxonJay tribe

We sometimes like to refer to ourselves as a tribe rather than a team. It’s because we work with a shared mission and a shared set of values. We believe in disrupting the status quo for the greater good. We believe in doing things differently and we’re quite sure that working at AxonJay is not like working anywhere else.

Today, we’re a team of IT specialists, data scientists, business strategists and innovation & sustainability people with a disruptive mission to make AI accessible and easy to use for any business.

Born in the year of the pandemic it was only natural for us to become a 'work from anywhere' company with people logging in remotely from the sandy dunes of the North Sea in Belgium, to the Swedish archipelago, Milan, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and from our HQ and co-living space at Galerie du Roi Brussels. And with no need for large offices and company cars in every market, it was obvious that we build a climate neutral company.

The Tribe

Jean-Philippe M.L. Schepens
Founder & CEO

Jean-Philippe is based in Brussels, Belgium and is the founder of AxonJay. He’s an economist, statistician and ornithologist. His career includes roles such as the Federal Chief of Cabinet as well as roles within several Tier 1 software and telco & data companies. He was also the co-founder of one of the first big-data start-ups in Belgium that was successfully sold.

Jean-Philippe M.L. Schepens

Founder & CEO

Tobias Meffert
Co-Founder & CTO

Tobias is based in Frankfurt, Germany. He is responsible for the team around all topics concerning AI, ML & Infrastructure to get you running fast with newest technology and without headaches. Tobias covered bases in the past involving local and international projects around getting analytics & science into operations with small, medium to top tier companies.

Tobias Meffert

Co-Founder & CTO

Thomas Sonck
Co-Founder & CXO

Thomas is based in Brussels, Belgium and is responsible for customer wellbeing, IT, infrastructure and Self-ML Platform™ development. He guides the Web Team and is the link between the Tech Team, our customers & the Go-To-Market Teams. Thomas has a background in tech startup leadership and IT, digital platforms and application development.

Thomas Sonck

Co-Founder & CXO

Svend Tottrup
Financian Magician

Svend is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has an international corporate career as CFO, CEO and COO. Svend has taken the journey with Private Equity companies four times and worked in several industries the latest two with tech companies. Svend loves to see companies and people grow and is great to help a company executing its strategy. I’m proud of working in a company with a clear purpose to have a positive impact on the planet and people.

Svend Tottrup

Financial Magician

Dieter Vandendriessche
Full Stack Magician

Dieter is based in Ostend, Belgium. As a full stack engineer he is responsible for infrastructure and Platform development. Dieter graduated a bachelor medical lab technician who reversed his destiny and background to a full stack programmer for some years now.

Dieter Vandendriessche

API Magician

Bert Jacobs
Self-ML Engineer

Bert is based in Aarschot, Belgium, and is a Self-ML™ Engineer. As a bioscience engineer with a Ph.D. in chemometrics, he brings over 10 years of data science experience with professional journeys in multivariate statistics, machine learning, scientific research, engineering, and project management.

Bert Jacobs

Self-ML™ Engineer

Lorenzo Fiorentini
Self-ML Engineer

Lorenzo is based in Bruxelles Belgium and he is a Self-ML™ Engineer. After obtaining a double master in Mathematical Engineering between France and Italy he has worked as Data scientist in consulting, advertising and banking. Currently he is living the dream of applying the "queen of sciences" in real world application and leading sustainable life in Brussels.

Lorenzo Fiorentini

Self-ML™ Engineer

Andreja is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She brings more than 25 years of work experience abroad in senior management positions, mainly in the IT industry with an emphasis on sales and marketing strategy, business development, ORM Basel II and III legislation, and the last 6 years working with start-up companies also as GM of the largest startup accelerator in the CEE region. She holds a college degree in law science and is passionate about improving the global micro-economy, circularity, and nature conservation.

Andreja Satran

Growth Hacker

Carl Rodrigues
Growth Hacker

With a focus on sales and strategy, for 30 years Carl has helped startups scale via triple digit growth and exit including Servecast to Level 3 Communications for $45m in 2007. Founder of the Joining the Dots, the data, AI, fintech and blockchain startups network, he also built the community at the Open Data Institute founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. London-based, he has a degree in Classics from King’s College Cambridge. 

Carl Rodrigues

Growth Hacker

Isabelle Delaere
Administration Magician

Isabelle is based in Brussels, Belgium. She is our Admin Magicia and she uses her creativity and eye for detail to handle most of our administration. Isabelle has a background in digital application design and web development.


Isabelle Delaere

Administration Magician

Julien Demets

Julien is based in Brussels, Belgium and is our Digital Dynamo. He is graduated from the Solvay Brussels School in management science.  He is part of the disruptive GTM (GoToMarket) teams. His main tasks are to bring our Products to the market and to digitalise the prospecting and sales processes.

Julien Demets

Digital Dynamo

Emely Alonzo
Full Stack Magician

Emely is based in Madrid, Spain. She's been interested in technology since she was very young, and in recent years, coding has become one of her passions. Emely dedicated her time to gaining proficiency in several intricacies of web development in order to better herself as a developer and problem solver.

Emely Alonzo

Full Stack Magician

Advisory Board

Birger Baylund
Chairman of Advisory Board

Birger is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. After 20 years in the corporate world Birger founded DebitorRegistret, aiming at breaking the monopoly of RKI within consumer credit. After a bumpy road he sold the business to Bisnode. “I know what it is like to start a business. The passion and enthusiasm, the doubts and black holes. And love to help people solve problems - and walk beside them all the way,” he says.

Birger Baylund

Chair of the Advisory Board

Dr Bettina von Stamm
Innovation and Sustainability

Dr Bettina von Stamm is based in Munich, Germany and brings her expertise in innovation and sustainability to the Advisory Board. She has been working independently at the boundary between academia and business since 1992 and loves consulting and public speaking as much as she loves teaching, researching, writing and developing tools and frameworks that help organisations on their journeys to become more innovative and sustainable.

Dr. Bettina Von Stamm

Innovation & Sustainability

Carlo Henriksen
Banking and Finance

Carlo Henriksen is based in Antwerp, Belgium. He’s a commercial engineer and holds an MBA.
He was CEO of Bank Van Breda during 25 years. Bank Van Breda focuses on family businesses and professionals. Today he is an independent director of Argenta, Belgium’s fifth largest bank.
He’s eager to help Axonjay to focus and keep simplicity, through his presence in the advisory board.

Carlo Heriksen

Banking & Finance

Roald Sieberath
Science, Tech and Data

Roald is based in Liège, Belgium. He is a computer engineer and MBA, and studied at Louvain, Solvay, and at Stanford. As a longtime entrepreneur, he has been involved as co-founder in a number of ventures: mobile messaging, e-learning, big data & social web, AI, and as a long-time board member at Odoo (a unicorn). He is also a venture partner with seed-stage fund LeanSquare, a Kauffman Fellow, and a guest professor at UCLouvain.

Roald Sieberath

Science, Tech & Data

Ben Piquard
Advisory board member

Ben is based in Brussels, Belgium. Executive advisor of LeanSquare, Start-up Investment fund of the Noshaq Group, Ben is a both a veteran of the Software Industry with 15 years technical and sales positions in Micrososft, Business Objects, Siebel or PeopleSoft and 9 years in the Start-up funding and coaching business.

Ben Piquard

Innovation & Scaleup

Our mission

Our mission is to make AI more accessible and easy to use for any business: to make our multi-award-winning Self-ML Platform™ the most effective tool a business can employ to extract actionable intelligence and enable sustainable change in real-time.

Our vision

To be the most sought after AI tech partner that can help you Disrupt Your Industry and #DisruptWithPurpose #RightHereRightNow!

Our values

Dare to Disrupt

We dare to disrupt the status quo and we focus on customers who are bold enough to do the same. Our platform allows our clients disrupt their business #RightHereRightNow.


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. One of our most important missions is to make AI more accessible and easy to use for any business that wants to enable sustainable change today.


Innovation is in our DNA. We innovate together with our customers by challenging norms and disrupting markets together.


In today’s rapidly changing world, the need for agile digital ecosystems has never been greater. That’s why we consider our customers to be partners and together solve business challenges for the greatest impact.


Our multi-award-winning Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ is growing fast. This allows us, more than ever, to provide more reliable business solutions in a scalable way, redefining global digital standards.

Predict TRUE company behaviour with our Self-Machine-Learning Platform™.

To learn more about how Self Machine Learning can help your business.
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AxonJay HQ
Galerie du Roi 30
1000 Brussels


Jean-Philippe M.L. Schepens
Founder & CEO
 +32 471 80 80 82


AxonJay UK
One Canada Square, Canary Wharf
London E14 5AB, UK


Jean-Philippe M.L. Schepens
Founder & CEO
 +32 471 80 80 82