Newsletter Q3 2023

Newsletter - October 31, 2023

“AI will never replace you, but someone who uses AI will.”


Our newsletters are always a celebration of our major milestones and a recognition of each and every one of our achievements.

For this newsletter, we will share with our community what AxonJay has achieved in the third quarter of 2023, along with our first customers testimonials, new tribe members, events and amazing new opportunity for residents of Belgium to invest in and support the best Deep-Tech Startup. Find out more about it and join our Spreds Finance public crowd fundraising campaign at

AxonJay achieves a #3 spot on the 50 Global Best AI Investing Apps for 2023!

  • Did you know there are already 68 AI investment apps? At AxonJay, we're thrilled to be number 3 among 50 companies chosen by Content Mavericks after 125 hours of rigorous comparison. This recognition is proof of our mission to provide excellent services for private equity investors. Content Mavericks is a global media company, focusing on emerging AI technology. We got recognition from Amazon, Shopify, HubSpot and many others.

  • We are really excited to share our recognition as the third-best AI investing app for 2023 by Content Mavericks. Our real-time monitoring, personalized AI-Private Fund assistant, predictive technology, extensive global coverage, and dedication to sourcing data from reliable channels in combination with behavioural signals make us the preferred choice for those who seek to make informed investment decisions. With AxonJay, you can navigate the intricate world of private equity investments with confidence and precision, ensuring that you never miss a valuable opportunity.

  • Learn why our Self-ML Platform™ is transforming data-driven investing and how it can revolutionize your investment strategy. Read the full article of Content Maverics to learn more about the future of data-driven investing.



  • AxonJay was again present at the famous #WorldSummitAI in Amsterdam that is a global tech and science strategy group. With connections spanning from Enterprise to BigTech, Startups, Investors, and Science have built the largest and most active AI community, comprises over 200,000 members from 160+ countries, and alongside of  20 years of experience in technology and organizing large-scale summits. During the event, Jean-Philippe was presenting our Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ and discussing our goal to #DisruptWithPurpose by democratizing Artificial Intelligence with tremendous respond from the crowd.

  • For the 18th edition of Digital First Brussels our founder &  CEO Jean-Philippe was taking the stage, alongside top industry thought leaders, to unveil the latest digital trends, technologies, and strategies. This year was all about unforgettable experiences, incredible speakers, and game-changing networking opportunities.

  • Our Founder and CEO, Jean-Philippe, has been invited to rub shoulders with influential leaders from diverse industries at the prestigious BelCham Reception.
    at the magnificent La Monnaie opera house in Brussels, Belgium on October 19 for an unforgettable evening of connections, ideas, and inspiration.


Customers in the spotlight:

Amazing first Customer testimonials:

  1. Last week I had a candidate in my office, but it turned out she did not match with the position she applied for. In less than 5 minutes, I succeeded in finding her an alternative opening via my AxonJay’s AI-HR assistant and guess what? She got hired!”
    ~ Isabel Verhelst, CEO of Ingenium Executive Search
  1. As a customer I’m blown away by the potential and the AI capabilities of the Self-ML Platform™. So much, that I promptly decided to invest in AxonJay.
    ~ Werner Vergult, CEO of Q4Talent Executive Search
  1. “Today at BlueMetric we detect up to 15% more alternative funds than any other tool on the market. We love the real time availability of signals and the easy use interface of the Self-ML Platform™”
    ~ Emile van Thiel, CEO of BlueMetric

Much more customers testomonials will follow and we are extremely proud to onboard SAP Global as a customer and partner as we speak.

  • Simultaneously, our Webshop has also gone live, enabling customers to access and purchase products directly through our online platform. This launch opens up new avenues for our business, expanding our reach and facilitating convenient transactions for our customers. Let’s scale globally!

  • If you are looking for how to beat the competition, become part of the AxonJay Tribe as an early adopter and enjoy our limited-time offer of 299€ per month per user! Discover and co-create the future of finance, boosted by our unique Self-Machine-Learning Platform™.

    Join us:


AxonJay’s Tribe

  • We are delighted to welcome three new members to our team: Cameron, our Social Media Queen from Belgium, Enrico, our new Self-ML Platform™ Engineer from Italy, and last but not least Bart our new Full stack magician from Belgium . At our company, we take great pride in our recruitment process, which is driven by a policy of recruiting with heart. This approach allows us to find talented individuals who are motivated and passionate about making a positive impact in the world. Instead of focusing solely on CVs, we value individuals who are eager to change the world. Cameron, Enrico and Bart have joined our pan-European Tribe, a community dedicated to achieving our objective of #DisruptWithPurpose and making AI accessible to businesses everywhere.

  • Our office has been the venue for, for now, two disruptive events. Our HQ is located in the Royal Galeries of Brussels, and this year its their 175th anniversary. Many distinguished people have lived or pass by through the Galleria, but I’m sure in no other office someone like Victor Hugo has slept in, and in no other office Rene Magritte’s heritage is part of the floor. Having such an amazing historical past, how can we not invite people to see it in person? Keep an eye on our website and Social Media to know all our upcoming events.


Unlocking the potential of AI for any business in the world!

AxonJay is a multi-award-winning AI tech company that developed a trailblazing & unique Self-Machine-Learning Platform™, which reveals & predicts companies' true behaviour in real-time.

We have invented a unique way to reduce electricity consumption (Green AI) and have a solution for daily fast changing data and work in real time for every business person.

AxonJay's mission

AxonJay's mission is to democratize AI by making it accessible to all companies in the world, small or big. Their Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ is the solution to costly & scarce data scientists and AI consultants.

On the Self-Machine-Learning Platform™, dynamic AI products are designed to counteract the challenges posed by "data drift" and its subsequent "model drift" plus replace the data scientists in a smart way.

This is achieved through the implementation of reinforcement learning, neural networks, ... which leverages real-time feedback on the performance of the Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ to counter data drift and model drift with agile AI models and algorithms.

Why is the AI so accurate?

The secret ingredient is what we call 'Self-Machine-Learning.'

The unique Self-ML Platform™ automates many of the complicated and time-consuming tasks required to build machine-learning models. It's faster, cheaper, more flexible and more accurate than traditional machine learning.

The Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ uses continuous feedback loops to constantly evolve and ensure more precise insights. We combine facts from your own databases with publicly available data so you don’t need an army of data scientists.

The Self-ML Platform™ does it all, in real-time and personalized to suit your needs, whatever business you're in.

The core science underlying the Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ lies in their unique behavioural prediction engine that uses a combination of signals derived from the digital ecosystem of companies in real time. By employing reinforcement learning, neural networks, ... tailored to user feedback, their family of AI algorithms is able to predict a company's true behaviour and this in real-time. The signals are sourced from millions of data points to provide the most relevant and up-to-date results in real-time.

Sustainability & Green AI

Additionally, the company prides itself on being greener and more sustainable than any player in the AI tech industry, thanks to their exclusive Data Peeling™ technique.

Unlike data pooling (traditional static and outdated data lakes), their approach is taking only specific, relevant data sources into account that are directly impacting the cocktail of signals. It's those signals that are predicting the true behaviour of companies.

This enables AxonJay to operate globally in real time!

Furthermore, we always ensure that the cocktail of signals used for predicting true company behaviour is presented to our users, fostering transparency and showing why the machine is making the predictions.

As a customer and market specialist, you can influence the family of algorithms directly with a simple feedback loop. This is the ultimate gray box solution so that you, the market specialist understand how the Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ operates. 


AxonJay's products

Today, 4 AI products are running on the Self-Machine-Learning Platform™:

The AI-Custom assistant:

We call it modern AI!
We live in a world where data is changing faster and faster. Therefore, models need to be dynamic.
The solution for this data drift & model drift is using our Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ to create your automated AI powered solution.
AI consultancy is crucial because it aids your business efficiently & effectively and determines which AI based solution is right for your business.
Using existing building blocks and creating new building blocks to determine your cocktail of signals, is key to implement dynamic AI solutions fitting your business.
This can be made tangible faster than any other AI consultancy company by using the Self-Machine-Learning Platform™.

The AI-HR Assistant for the HR & Recruitment sector:

Predicting which companies will be hiring or firing, which roles will be hot in your market, and automate your lead search and beat the market. It is an AI product with easy global scalability potential.

The AI-Private Fund assistant for the Financial sector:

Predicting which alternative funds (private funds) will open or close in the future.
Monitor private funds, hedge funds,... fund managers, M&As, and more.
It's trusted and accurate global information in real-time for better investment decisions and with the very powerful prediction module, you will always be ahead of the game.
It is a product with global coverage.

The AI-Sustainability assistant for the Sustainability sector:

The company has developed a unique offering based on the AI-HR assistant, which allows them to predict which environmentally conscious companies may undergo layoffs. 
By proactively partnering with circular economy organisations, we ensure that IT devices from these companies are efficiently recuperated for new purposes (circular economy).

Business & Market development plans

In addition, AxonJay has ambitious plans to expand globally and enter other sectors in the near future. Enhancing their global sales & marketing efforts, we are seeking funding to enter both our existing and new markets.

The funds will primarily be allocated towards enhancing their GoToMarket efforts (60%), scaling their data and technology development (35%), and strengthening their operations (5%).

Their ultimate goal is to achieve rapid global scaling and reach a turnover of €12m by 2026.

To safeguard their business continuity, we have already successfully trademarked the company name, AxonJay, as well as their unique Data Peeling™ mechanism and the Self-Machine-Learning Platform™.

Some facts about the global financial market:

  • Fundraising is up by nearly 20%reaching a record of almost $1.2 trillion.
  • Dealmakers were deploying $3.5 trillionacross asset classes.
  • Assets under management (AUM) reached an all-time high of $9.8 trillionas of July, up from $7.4 trillionthe year before.

AxonJay monitors and predicts the global alternative fund universe. This means:

  • +/- 160,000Private Funds worldwide.
  • +/- 60,000Fund managers worldwide.

AxonJay is different because we provide their AI-Private Fund assistant on the Self-Machine-Learning Platform™. This enables the use of our dynamic reinforcement learning algorithms, powered by user feedback loops.

We use their unique Data Peeling™ technique to provide global results in real time. We have better general coverage than their competition and work in real time, instead of working with data from the past.

AxonJay's general USPs and competitive advantages

  • AxonJay focuses on business execution;
  • We provide a unique & simple feedback loop to counter data drift & model drift (continuously changing data and AI models)
  • Business direct steering of Self-Machine-Learning Platform™
  • Our scalable & automated setup
  • We are driving digital transformation
  • We are very cost & resource effective, and thus green and sustainable
  • AI for everyone!

The challenges we solve

  • 90% of AI is not real AI, and 80% of the last 10% is GenAI, so the last 20% is expensive, bespoke projects….
  • Data scientists are hard to find, expensive & don’t know your market
  • Business decision making strategies are volatile because of changing market conditions
  • AI is very technical & complex
  • Business people need to come up with solutions
  • 4% of global electricity is used by data centers

The solutions by AxonJay

  • Economical bespoke solutions on our Self-ML Platform™ with real AI
  • Automated AI assistants that were built for your market
  • Real time feedback loops change our models as your market and business changes
  • AI is democratized and made accessible for every business
  • AI made simple to use for Business people
  • We create true green AI with our Data Peeling™ Technique


AxonJay’s Awards


Global Winner Google Cloud Startup Program 2023, World Economic Forum Startup Innovation Award 2023, The London AI Awards 2023, Technology Innovators Top 50 AI CEOs Of 2023, DigitalFirst Magazine Most Innovative Companies in Europe 2023, Wealth and Finance International: Best Finance Analysis Platform 2023