Newsletter Q2 2023

Newsletter - July 14, 2023

“AI will never replace you, but someone who uses AI will...”


Our newsletters are always a celebration of our major milestones. This newsletter is about sharing our progress in the second quarter of 2023 with our eco-system. We are really proud as a Tribe of those important achievements. And the cherry on the cake is our new baby: The AI-Private Funds assistant is an amazing product that has just been launched. So if you are an investor or a Family Office looking for better investment decisions, don’t miss out on this newsletter. Our revolutionary and multi-award-winning Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ is ready to help. Get the predictions you always wanted! Monitor, evaluate funds, and predict the real behavior of Private Funds in real-time. We already detect 10% more Private Funds than anybody else!


AxonJay’s Tribe

  • We have to congratulate Thomas Sonck on his new position as CXO Customer Experience Officer. Thomas knows how to create genuine customer experiences that are not only user-friendly and enjoyable but also very useful, which is truly inspiring. He wants to perfect the Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ and make it a real, impactful AI experience for external users. Since he has been a very impactful Tribe member of AxonJay, apart from the wealth of experience in IT and entrepreneurship that he adds at AxonJay, he merits this new position more than anyone.



  • Awards; AxonJay keeps stealing the spotlight: We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our newly launched ‘AI-Private Fund assistant’ powered by AxonJay’s Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ has been honored with the prestigious Fintech Award for Best Financial Analysis Platform 2023 by Wealth & Finance International! Our disruptive and groundbreaking AI-Private Funds assistant has truly taken the finance industry by storm, and it's incredible to see our hard work and innovation being recognized on a global scale. This achievement is even more remarkable because our product has been live for just one week! And the second award is for the Most Innovative Companies in Europe 2023 award by Digital First Magazine


  • Events; Back in April, our Founder & CEO talked about biomimicry and how AxonJay is closing the new Digital Gap at the Solvay Summer Business School He also participated in the #TechTalk2030 event, Jean-Philippe talked about our Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ and how it is a solution for the current data drift and model drift. This drifting is a real challenge for all AI companies. More information about this on our website. All the participants agreed that it has great potential to be a game-changing development in AI. By democratizing AI, our Self-ML Platform™ has already helped numerous companies start using AI more efficiently and affordably, closing the digital gap and allowing them to succeed in the market. The democratization of AI has started. This brings AI to every business.


  • AxonJay in the Big Apple! We were privileged that we had been selected to participate in the prestigious BCI Summit in New York on June 28th-29th as the only startup company chosen for this event and to represent Belgium alongside distinguished experts from around the world in the field of FinTech. During the summit, our Founder & CEO, Jean-Philippe, had the opportunity to be one of the main speakers and he participated at the round table discussion, which included esteemed guests from leading banking and finance institutions. After the midday discussion, he pitched our AI-Private-Fund Assistant to the audience. Being the only Belgian startup invited, AxonJay also had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Filip Vanden Bulcke, Belgian Ambassador and General Consul in New York, and with Mrs. Bianca Vissers, Mr. Anton Wouters & Mrs. Sophie Berben, CEO of BelCham, to discuss further collaboration in expanding our brand and promoting Self-Machine-Learning Platform™.


  • Networking on a bike proved to be a refreshing alternative to the traditional business setting, as the shared passion for cycling broke down barriers and enabled participants to connect on a more personal level. Giro Di Volta in Leuven brought together 25 daring riders. The pink jersey was on nobody’s shoulders as they were one group. AxonJay’s Italian representative Lorenzo Fiorentini wore our wings for a disruptive and thrilling cycling event.




  • As experts in our field, we have already started a conversation with the three local startups that we will help during September in Mombasa (Kenya): Kuza Freezer, Gilitics, and Studio Bela-Bela; They will learn strategies and processes to boost and expand their business with us. Every Tribe member will help with personal expertise to take those promising startups to the next level.


  • During the last week of April, we moved the entire Tribe to the very inspiring city of Copenhagen, home of several of our Tribe members and the Chair of our Advisory board. There we explored Copenhagen, worked all together, and climbed the CopenHill, a combined heat and power waste-to-energy plant, and recreational facility in the shape of a mountain.



  • Midsummer thrives with the AxonJay tribe! From the 18th to the 23rd of June, the AxonJay Tribe gathered again for "Tribe Week,” this time at our famous headquarters in Galerie du Roi, Brussels. During a very busy week, we had several proactive workshops laying the foundations for our next business steps. We also celebrate and congratulate our Tribe members for participating in the official ceremony of receiving AxonJay company stock options!



Sales & Marketing


  • The Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ keeps improving and is the ground-breaking tool that everybody wants. AxonJay has signed new alliances with important companies such as Micropole, Crunchbase, Google or the VDAB. Durings Q2 2023, we have onboarded multiple new customers, such as Q4Talent, Doowings, Betuned, Stark Recruitment, Ingenium, Dufuna and many more.


  • “AI is a powerful tool that we need to use with a concrete purpose!” Through our Self-Machine-Learning Platform™, AxonJay empowers organizations to harvest the power of AI. By democratizing AI, we ensure that the benefits are not limited to a select few but enable companies to unlock the potential of AI and drive innovation in their respective domains. This inclusive approach aims to level the playing field and bridge the gap between companies that utilize AI and those that do not.


  • We were so proud and excited to announce that our AI-Private Fund assistant has officially been launched, marking a significant milestone for our team. Our Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ predicts which private funds will open or close in the future by monitoring private funds, fund managers, M&As, and more. It's trusted and accurate global information in real-time for better investment decisions. We already detect 10% more Private Funds than anybody else. BlueMetric in The Netherlands is already a happy customer of this brand-new product! We have focused on improving the usability, interface, and visual elements, such as the lifecycle feature, to provide our users with a seamless and intuitive experience.



  • Simultaneously, our Webshop ( has also gone live, enabling customers to access and purchase products directly through our online platform. This launch opens up new avenues for our business, expanding our reach and facilitating convenient transactions for our customers.


  • If you are looking for how to beat the competition, become part of the AxonJay Tribe as an early adopter and enjoy our limited-time offer of 199€ per month per user! Discover and co-create the future of finance, boosted by our unique Self-Machine-Learning Platform™. Join us:


Science & Tech


  • Additional exciting insights: @AxonJay Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ is using the Google Cloud as its infrastructure, based on Kubernetes! This helps us provide a stable, reliable, and secure AI-HR assistant and AI-Private Fund assistant. Backed by @Google 's expertise, we can focus on what we do best: making AI-driven tools accessible for every company and improving the world! Did you know that AxonJay is the Global Winner of the Google Cloud Startup Program 2023?



  • Furthermore, our AI-HR assistant has undergone a series of updates, both big and small, over time. Notable enhancements include the addition of a filter that allows users to select whether openings of HR agencies should be displayed or not.
  • During the Beta-phase of our Sustainability Tracker, we successfully onboarded our first customer, who has been actively using the tracker on a daily basis. This customer's valuable feedback has been instrumental in helping us improve our Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ for future iterations. By closely listening to their usage experiences, suggestions, and main points, we have gained crucial insights that will enable us to enhance and optimize our product for broader adoption. Welcome to Close The Gap, our new customer! Together we will change the world for the better!




  • During Q2 2023, AxonJay Seed Round Teams have been working hard preparing the upcoming Seed Round in December 2023. In the following months, we will be able to give more information, but for now, if you are interested in knowing what we have thought about and you want a teaser, click here:


AI-Private Fund assistant


Our product aims to make the life of family offices and private investors much easier, so they can focus on what they do best; being investment specialists!

With a focus on all global Alternative Investment Funds and their Managers, we provide a tool to monitor the true behavior of the whole alternative investment industry. For that, we try to solve some challenges like:

  1. Identify alternative investment funds

  2. Monitor alternative investment funds - activity - performance - lifecycle

  3. Find new/created alternative investment funds (the right moment)

  4. Centralize all data about the alternative investment funds & managers

  5. Lack of  real-time data & predictions

  6. Need for experienced analysts & data scientists


The Key Features of Our Self-ML Platform™

Private Funds Prediction (PFP)
Predict which fund manager will open up new funds fitting your investment strategy, ranked from the most to the least relevant.

Monitoring Private Funds (MPF)
Monitor Private Funds you have chosen for Investments or are interested in getting real-time updates.


How our AI-Private Funds assistant Works

If you already know your Fund managers, or are familiar with some of them. You can simply search for them by name and add them to your monitoring list.

From that moment on, all activities of that Fund manager get tracked for you in real-time, and you always see where something is happening that is relevant for you.

But if, on the other hand, you already know some Private Funds by name. You can do the same as with the Fund managers, add them easily to your monitoring list and stay updated on every topic related to them.

With our Private Fund Universe Explorer, you can browse through all funds and filter out those that are relevant to you. You’ll be assisted with multiple key figures and information to help narrow down the lists for your purpose.



Real-time updates on what is happening

No matter if news, legal changes, structural changes, or many more, you will always have always an overview of what is happening about your monitored Fund managers and/or Private Funds.

To make this possible, we track an ever-growing/changing number of relevant sources and identify the topics related to all entries on your monitoring list.


Constantly improving with our feedback loops

As you can see in the Private Fund explorer, you can give feedback in multiple places. This Feedback is used by the Self-ML Platform™ to continuously improve and show you predictions fit your needs and preferences:

  • In the Private Fund Explorer, get a suggested/predicted running list that shows you funds that could be interesting for you


  • In the Private Fund Manager details to help improve the predictions of when and what type of Privater Funds will be opening up or closing down in the future


  • In the Private Funds Details to improve the predictions of new events on the timeline.


How to buy

If you are interested in going a step ahead of the market, then you need to purchase your own AI-Private Fund assistant. This is as easy as going to our webshop and ordering it from there:

Alternatively, you can always contact us to get a demo to make your decision easier.


Onboarding process

We don’t leave you alone on your first steps with your new AI-Private Fund assistant. After you decide on our AI-Private Fund assistant, you and all your company's users get a detailed demonstration of all features.

Otherwise, If you already have a list of Fund managers and Private Funds you want to monitor, we can do the initial setup for you and add them to your AI-Private Fund assistant. After your first steps, we run personal feedback; look together to assist and solve your potential challenges.


Some best-case examples of what customers can gain

  • Identify Private Funds fitting into the portfolio of your customers before anyone else.


  • The Predicted behavior of Fund managers gives you a heads-up when the behavior is pointing towards opening a new Private Fund.


  • With real-time tracking of new Private Funds, you already get a heads-up as soon as we identify a new Private Fund fitting into your portfolios. This is usually way before the Fund managers put out any official information. We even are predicting the Vintage year!


  • Identify changes in minimum investment sizes that open up new possibilities before it is too lateLower minimum investment makes a specific Private Fund all of a sudden an opportunity for your customers where the minimum size was too high before. Knowing those changes can lead to more and possibly better options to invest.


  • Identify how much money is already raised to get a heads-up if you should hurry to get on board of a Private Fund before it is too late.


  • Identify changes in the lifecycle so the need for new investment opportunities no longer hits you unexpectedly. When a Private Fund near the end of its lifecycle, money gets freed up that needs a new home, and therefore you want to be prepared ahead of time.


  • You do not want to be hit by extended lifecycles that push the needs further into the future and waste time investigating alternatives when unnecessary.


  • Also, you don’t want to slip into a situation where you get hit unprepared and with no alternatives at hand when a lifecycle of a fund gets shortened. The freed-up money is looking for investments when you don’t have alternatives at hand.

These are just some examples of how our AI-Private Fund assistant can help you.

Learn more:


To wrap up

The AxonJay Tribe thanks you for your support and for being part of our External Tribe! We wish you a refreshing summer and most important of all: take care of yourself.

The AxonJay Tribe