Newsletter Q1 2023

Newsletter - April 7, 2023

AI will never replace you, but someone using AI will.


Happy Easter everyone! 🐣

Welcome to our newsletter that is the summary of the achievements we have accomplished and a celebration for our main objectives: #DisruptWithPurpose, democratizing AI for every kind of business and help tackle the digital gap.

For this newsletter we will share with our community the great milestones AxonJay has achieved in the first three months of 2023. And we will share with you another Science Article, but this time related to HR market trends and how our Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ can be useful when monitoring, matching and predicting the future behaviour of the recruitment industry.


AxonJay’s Tribe

  • We have welcomed 2 new Tribe Members: our Data Inspector, Anna, from Greece, and Growth Hacker, Andreja, from Slovenia. We always recruit with heart & energy policy, as they make the Tribe grow. We don’t have any problem recruiting, we don’t need your CV, we only need your motivation and your willing to change the world. They were welcomed in our pan-European Tribe, where we are all unite in the objective of #DisruptWithPurpose and democratizing AI for every business. 

  • Our co-living space has been the venue for two disruptive events. Our HQ is located in the Royal Galeries of Brussels, and this year its their 175th anniversary. Many distinguished people have lived or pass by through the Galleria, but I’m sure in no other office someone like Victor Hugo has lived, and in no other office Rene Magritte’s heritage is part of the floor. Having such an amazing historical past, how can we not invite people to see it in person? Keep an eye on our website and Social Media to know all our upcoming events.

  • As part of our #DisruptWithPurpose objective, we will spend a month in Kenya during Q3 2023. There, we will join three local Startups who we will help growing and expanding their business, more news about thjose 3 startups later in the month of April. 

  • During our stay in Kenya, we are going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro as a Tribe. In our preparation, our entire Tribe is fully involved in their collective and individual training programs to get ready to conquer the top of Kilimanjaro. With only 157 days left, and with an objective of 50K steps per week per person, 1000 crunches,.... we are reaching the peak and our best physical shape before our Route to Kilimanjaro.


Sales & Marketing Milestones

  • The Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ has been gaining recognition throught the many awards we have received and onboarded amazing new customers. We have launched a new AI-HR assistant. With it you will be able to get predictions on which companies will be hiring, which roles will be hot in your market and automate your lead search, and beating the market.There are 3 different products:

    Company Hire Prediction (CHP), able to predict which company in your defined market will hire/lay off people ranked from the most likely to the least likely, based on signals and triggers revealing their true behaviour within their digital ecosystem.

    Company Position Prediction (CPP), that will help you predicts which position in your market will be the hottest in the near future based on companies’ true behaviour in their digital ecosystem.

    Company-Candidate Matching (CCM), used to upload your CVs on the Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ to match them with future positions or hiring companies allowing candidates to beat the market.


  • We also included a direct way to contact our HR experts. If you are interested in knowing more about AxonJay or our Self-ML Platform™, now you can book a demo with them. Just choose a date and a time and AxonJay will explain how to #DisruptWithPurpose. Your company will outsmart the competition! Check it here:

  • We continue to spread the Tribe Spirit all over Europe… and also the United States of America!  

Screenshot from 2023 04 07 16 09 42


  • Apart from that, we have won exciting prices: the Startup Innovation Award 2023 by the World Economic Forum, the Google Startup Cloud Program by Google, the Most Innovative AI Tech Company, from the London AI Awards 2023, we appeared in the Top Belgian Startups to Watch in 2023 by Startup Stash, the Most Innovative AI Tech Company in Europe Award by the Corporate Vision Magazine (US) 

Screenshot from 2023 04 07 16 15 58


  • Jean-Philippe, our Founder & CEO was nominated as one of the Top 50 AI CEOs by the Technology Innovators magazine(US). Check the article here:

  • Our co-living space has been the venue for, for now, two disruptive events:

  • How AI can help the Recruitment Industry? in February. We launched our AI-HR assistant, and we organized a networking event in our HQ with professional recruiters from Belgium to discuss with them the future of AI in the recruitment industry.

Event Image


  • 175 years of the Galleries St Hubert. 2023 is the 175th anniversary of the Royal Galeries, and in collaboration with WE Love Brussels, we organized an afterwork networking event in our HQ, where we could learn some insightful historical facts about the Galleria and our office, and expand our network. During this event, there were many customers talks among all the companies representatives that came, and with such a good environment, we are sure that some fruitful conversations took place. 

Event Flyse


  • AxonJay, once again, has been the center of attention in all the events we have been to. Our Founder & CEO pitched AxonJay at the World Innovation Economics, an event within the frame of the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland, and he stole the show. Furthermore, we won the Startup Innovation Award 2023.

Jph Blue


Science & Tech Milestones

  • Version 2.0 of the Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ has been launched and pushed to all our customers. The Self-ML Platform improved with many useful features that will help your business to grow much faster than your competition. 

  • Our AI-HR assistant went live with the new candidate module and cv matching. For this, we use OCR for reading in candidate CVs. Also, we implement the option of Matching Candidates with Monitored Positions/Companies. 

  • The automation at AxonJay was brought to a next level. We now have all installations and updates automated, in order to give all our customers a faster way of keeping all them on same and newest versions of their solutions. We have also improved our maintenance processes (one-stop-shop) on the way towards creating a webshop. 

  • Thanks to our new Data Inspector, we can branch our data tasks and have more specialization, more flexibility in adding features and improved data oversight. 


Finance Milestones 

  • During the Q1 2023, AxonJay rose about 700K€ by our existing shareholders and we welcomed Noshaq. This facilitates us to reach our goal of changing the world, democratizing AI and overcoming the gap in the digital market that is happening nowadays. Always #DisruptWithPurpose

  • We are preparing our upcoming Seed Round in Q3 2023. If you want a teaser, click here:

On a change of subject, for this month’s newsletter, our Science Article will be based on how and why our Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ could play a key role in the future of the recruitment market. Read it carefully!


Why is AxonJay crucial in the HR world in 2023?

In a world which is evolving rapidly, the skills required from the workforce are evolving faster than ever: around 65% of the respondents believe that employees will need completely different skills and competences in the future. This trend has been emphasised by the revolution that Covid brought to the world, job wise, and the creation of ChatGPT and its solutions and answers for everything. Therefore, the recruiting sector has to face new challenges to be competitive. 

Often a higher degree of competitiveness is achieved by a digitalization of internal process and this effect is particularly important in Belgium, one of the leading countries in the digitalization of the workplace. In 2022 the employment rates in Belgium kept growing despite the inflation we are having in 2023. In addition, the job market is becoming more fluid as a consequence of people changing career paths more frequently than before. A war for talent in a very tight labor market is making it difficult for Belgian HR departments to find sufficient suitable talent. Unemployment rates are the lowest they’ve been in years, and for every company that is going through layoffs, new jobs are being created elsewhere with even higher frequency, a phenomenon that has been called a “hiring rollercoaster”. 

Several studies have demonstrated that there is a positive correlation between the companies’ performance and their time and efforts invested in their HR approach. Lately, recruiting processes have also been made more complicated by the need of more all-around candidate evaluation rather than classical skills tests which are proven to be obsolete. Therefore, it is not a surprise that matching candidates’ skills with requirements is no longer the main task of a relatively quick recruiting process, but it has become a step in a more complex flow where we also look for companies’ vision and candidates objectives.

AxonJay’s goal is making companies' recruitment processes easier and faster by matching suitable candidates with the company through the feedback loop, so that they can invest more energies in other HR related activities. In order to do so, we have developed our trailblazing Self-Machine-Learning Platform™, that lets the users find candidates and job opportunities faster, saving resources and time. We analyse companies’ true behavior to anticipate which positions are going to look or which employees they are more likely to lay off in the near future. In this way recruiters can anticipate the hiring rollercoaster by having a wider view of the entire job market in their sector of interest.

Our objective is to replace the usual team of data experts which act like gods and are very expensive. Our platform is intuitive and gives you the AI knowledge you need while keeping you in control of the core of your business. Thanks to our feedback loop, our clients are able to take the lead on their solution and achieve the results that are the most suitable for their needs. Indeed the feedback aims at improving the AI so that it fits more the natural our clients’ usual work.

Because our objective of #DisruptWithPurpose, we have developed this Platform following the principles of Green AI focusing on efficiency rather than on brute-force performance. Indeed, we do not come with the biggest and most expensive data collection, while we offer our clients the most accurate signals discarding irrelevant information based on our joint experience. 

Being a post-pandemic company implies great challenges, and AxonJay is ready to tackle all of them.